XANDER DAVIS is a designer director, working fulltime for studios worldwide from Alaska.

As a games industry veteran, Xander Davis is known for his own game VAST and his UI Design work on 9.0-rated titles such as Transformers: War for Cybertron, Darksiders 2, Warhammer 40k: Regicide, Star Trek: Timelines, Star Wars, James Bond, and others. His most recent role was UX Director at AVALON, with a focus on transformative AI-driven UX. He is currently the UX Director at [To Be Announced].


Xander has worked on-site at triple-A studios for five years and has been remote working for a decade for dozens more games studio clients all over the world on over 40 titles, many multi-million dollar globally launched and marketed releases. Combined with prior design agency work, he has a total of over 25 years experience. He independently pursues generative filmmaking with his label Lore Pictures.


Based in Alaska, Xander is a proud husband & father of three boys.

Licensed developer of Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, Apple, Oculus, with Unity & Unreal Engine.

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To commission Xander for a project, contact him to schedule an initial phone or video call consultation: