Xander Davis

XANDER DAVIS is an author / designer / director, consulting worldwide through his design agency XD&A, creating his own video games at Astrogun with his debut title VAST, creating & producing original intellectual property at Lore Method, and more.


In the games industry, Xander is known for his own game VAST and his UI Design work on 9.0-rated titles such as Transformers: War for Cybertron, Darksiders 2, and others. He was a guest speaker at BWG Strategy’s Conference on Virtual Reality among industry leadership, a consulting Creative Director for an Augmented Reality startup, was thanked for his support in the credits of Indie Game: The Movie and other films, and has worked for clients all over the world, often on multiple continents simultaneously.  Xander is also a proud husband and father.


To commission Xander for a project, contact him for an initial phone or Skype consultation.


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