Testimonials: Mike Legg

Mike Legg —

President, Petroglyph Games

“Xander is an amazing game developer! He has a keen eye for details, aesthetics and polish, and is very prolific in all of his projects. He is one of the most passionate people who I have met when it comes to creating games – from design and UI, to tools and pipeline, to coding methods. When discussing both making and playing games (from classic to recent) with Xander, I can’t help but get more excited about our craft. He also keeps up on everything that is going on in the game industry, and is very knowledgeable about new trends and technologies. I’ve enjoyed working with him, hope to do so again, and heartily recommend him!”

“Xander is unquestionably brilliant. His passion for the work that he does extends, extensively, into his personal interest and his thirst for knowledge and growth in his areas of focus means that he tends to uncover trends, early, knows where the industry and his specialty are headed, and is happy to share that information with his coworkers.  I worked directly with Xander in a mentorship role and found him to be coachable, eager, and genuine. He’s sharp, focused, detail-oriented, and meticulous; he has high standards for himself and for his peers.”

Zack Karlsson

Zack Karlsson —


“Xander is one of the most hard-working individuals in this industry. He is not afraid of any challenge. He is always willing to do what it takes in order for the team to rapidly iterate & shape the product into something great. His dedication to quality, coupled with his extensive knowledge of games & the roots of design, make him a valuable asset that any team would be lucky to have.”

Mark Vernon, Ubisoft

Mark Vernon —

Game Designer, Ubisoft

Kyle Robinson —

Kyle Robinson, UI Technical Designer at AVALON

“From my time working with Xander a couple of words come to mind: Quality, Passion, and Experience. Xander was a phenomenal lead who would often engage in multiple 1on1 sessions to review my tasks and push me to increase the quality of my work. Xander’s passion for games and innovative technologies pushes him to stay up to date on all of the latest technological advancements. Xander also provides years of experience and the skills to support. When it comes to innovation within the UI/UX fields Xander excels and redefines the bar for quality. Xander combines these feats together to produce results for his team.”

Testimonials: Brad Whitlam

Brad Whitlam —

Brad Whitlam, Creative Director, Primal Carnage Lukewarm Media

“This guy is dripping with creativity, and has the technical savvy to match. Xander is a visionary, and I have personally seen him handle the job duties of UI creation, script, and design at the same time, and go on to produce stellar results. If I were to make a game, or movie, it would be an honor to have him involved on it.”

Jared Adkins —

UI Designer, Rocket League

“It’s rare to find individuals with the level of enthusiasm and dedication he has to the medium. In addition to his design expertise, his experience in other industries with quick turnaround times enabled him to generate a tremendous amount of work in a short amount of time.”

More Recommendations

One of Xander’s strongest traits is his entrepreneurial spirit which manifests itself in a variety of good discussions & ideas. He was good at researching competitor products & delivering ideas that highlighted the best aspects of what he thought was needed & also provided a proven solution. He often drew from his own personal experiences on various skunkworks projects which he continues to aggressively pursue. Xander works strongly in process-driven workflows & encourages his direct reports to do the same through our internal toolset for managing tasks & deadlines. He leads by example in this regard & at any time I was able to get the full picture on what was assigned to his people and the amount of progress that had been made. I know Xander will do well in whatever he orients himself to. He’s motivated & well spoken & presents himself very well. I would encourage anyone to check out his website to see how flexible & talented he is.

Ted Morris —

Executive Producer, Petroglyph Games

Testimonials: Chuck Kroegel

Chuck Kroegel —

CEO / General Manager, Petroglyph Games

“I would recommend Xander as a great addition to any team in the field of UI. I found Xander to be very professional and competent in the assignments and responsibilities given to him. His ability to adapt to new situations and apply himself to a variety of challenges make him a valuable team member.”

“Xander’s work on high-profile products speaks for itself. He understands the mechanics of UI and has a good eye for merging its design with aesthetics to make the whole more than the sum of its parts. On our project, he had a good head for organizing and handling massive tasks without getting overwhelmed, stepping through each part of our UI in intelligent order to accommodate iteration and art.”

Testimonials: Shane Hensley

Shane Hensley —

Executive Producer Petroglyph Games / CEO, Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Testimonials - Timothy Brian Brown

Timothy Brian Brown —

Design Development Director, Petroglyph Games

“Xander consistently met or exceeded my expectations as UI Manager. He brought a breadth of knowledge and expertise to better plan and execute every detail of the tasks assigned to him. I was always comfortable that Xander would oversee a project and direct the resources assigned to it as effectively as I would myself. I recommend Xander unreservedly.”

“Xander is a passionate UI Manager that uses his industry knowledge to drive his UI Designs. He always keeps the worst case scenarios in mind and pushes his team to get the job done the right way the first time. While Xander is very process-oriented he supports his team’s ability to craft creative solutions that serve the long-term needs of the project. Additionally he consistently adjusts time estimates based on new information and provides clarity on the status of his team which is essential during time crunches near the end of projects.”

Testimonials - Bryan Gallareto

Bryan Gallareto —

Senior Producer of Operations, NCSoft

Testimonials: Dan Etter

Dan Etter —

UI Designer, Petroglyph Games

“I had the pleasure of working with Xander as both a peer and as a subordinate. As such, I saw that Xander is adept at Flash implementation and graphic design, as well as scheduling and managing the UI department. While working with Xander, I learned what a true student of graphic design he is. Simply put, Xander knows what looks good and what doesn’t. In addition to his design knowledge, he knows the exact steps needed to get from point A to point B. He was instrumental in navigating several UI elements from conception to completion. If you have the pleasure of considering Xander for a position, do not hesitate in hiring him. He will greatly contribute to any project he works on.”

“The level of expertise and knowledge Xander brings to the table is top notch. Having Xander as a Manager as part of the UI Team has proven itself to be a fun and most importantly, an extremely educational experience. The one thing that truly stands out about Xander is his ability to know industry trends; what will and will not be relevant in the future.”

Testimonials: Michael Scala

Michael Scala —

UI Designer, Rocket League

Testimonials: Josh DeLeon

Josh DeLeon —

UI Scripter, Petroglyph Games

“Xander is an incredibly driven, multifaceted artist with the capability to balance his artistic vision with pragmatism. He is completely connected to the heartbeat of the industry, able to see through the fad of the day, and understanding how current trends will factor into its future. I had the opportunity to work with Xander while I was with the UI team at Petroglyph. After a change in leadership, he was promoted to UI Lead where he created a coherent and unified vision for UI on the project. To the game’s benefit (and the company’s), he worked across all departments, taking a personal approach to address the specific needs of each. He’s an asset any team and I’d welcome the chance to work with him again.”

“Xander did a great job creating a stylish yet easy to use UI for Transformers: War for Cybertron. He is one of the most creative people I have ever worked with and is always trying to learn new things. He would be a great addition to any team.”

Testimonials: Keith Evans

Keith Evans —

Senior Game Designer, High Moon Studios – Activision Blizzard

Testimonials: Billy King

Billy King —

Lead Concept Artist, High Moon Studios – Activision Blizzard

“Xander is a talented graphic designer, easy to work with and an all around great guy. High Moon was in need of a senior UI artist for quite sometime and Xander filled the position commendably. He has great ideas, communicates them well, can give direction and take direction respectively. I would recommend Xander for any and all of your graphic design/UI needs.”

“Xander is a true creative. His vision and leadership skills are second to none. Having worked on many projects together I have no hesitation in recommending Xander.”

Testimonials - Jeremiah Cauthorn

Jeremiah Cauthorn —

Senior Graphics and Systems Engineer, Twisted Pixel Games

Testimonials - Michael Reynolds

Michael Reynolds —

President/CEO, SpinWeb Internet Media Inc.

“Xander is a highly creative and passionate individual. He has a unique eye for design and branding that pushes the envelope and ignites his team to deliver excellence. I have learned a great deal from Xander while I worked with him and his influence has been instrumental in our positive growth.”

“Always on top of his game, Xander has made our many collaborations shine with an astute creative flow and professional attitude. I recommend him on any job that requires both creativity and technical know-how.”

Testimonials - François Jolin

François Jolin —

CEO / Audio Director / Composer, Eon Sounds