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VAST is Xander Davis's first original console and smartphone game, produced and published through his studio Astrogun LLC, available now on Steam (Win/Mac), macOS, iOS, and tvOS. It was awarded 'BEST FPS' by ATVG, and continues in an episodic release model today.


An original IP created, written, and visualized by Xander Davis at Lore Method. Neon Eclipse is a techno-noir espionage series centered on Crane, an android covert operative, caught up against deadly invisible conspiracies spanning the world and broader Solar System frontier.


An original IP created, written, and visualized by Xander Davis at Lore Method. UMBRA is a sci-fi horror series set in the early 1980's around a small, yet radical secret space program based on psychic 'remote viewing'. As they open their minds to the cosmic infinite, with competing agendas, what they let in may unravel them all.


In 2011, Xander Davis created an augmented reality prototype on iPad 2 as a dare to himself in 100 consecutive hours over Independence Day weekend, captured in a 10 minute time-lapse video, wherein he invented 'holo-scrolling', a camera technique that enabled infinite AR game spaces over a fixed marker. This had never been done before.


Radical Sleep was Xander Davis's experiment in 2012 with developing a cinematic motion comic project with 8K CineScope hand-drawn artwork, ultimately as a precursor to his founding Lore Method.


This is Xander Davis’s first original video game, created and shipped for the Ludum Dare 18 48-hour challenge using Flash and the Flixel framework, where the competition theme was ‘enemies as weapons’! Play it free on Kongregate.