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Xander was the UX Director for MMORPG-UGC startup AVALON, advocating radically-advanced UX/UI, as well as serving as Audio Director for sound and music. He also created its Brand Identity.


Xander was hired by THQ / Vigil Games to form and Lead a UI Department for Darksiders II and build and complete the UI from virtually scratch in three months. He created all UI / UX Wireframe Designs, developed the UI Art Direction, built-out designs into Flash and motion graphics, collaborated on implementation with developers on his team, produced and managed tasks and led his team during an extremely tight deadline. Most of the work Xander was responsible for and successfully executed with his team made it into the final game.


Xander was principle with the new UI Team at High Moon Studios on the Design / Layout, UI Art Direction, UI Art Composition, and Motion Graphics for Transformers: War for Cybertron. He was also instrumental in implementation through Flash build-out, Scaleform, After Effects, and Unreal Engine.


Star Trek Timelines is a blockbuster mobile game set across the entire span of the Star Trek universe, past, present, future, and an infinite potential of alternate timelines, earning over $100 million and 4.5/5 stars on Google and Apple App Stores, lasting nearly a decade and still going strong (rare for mobile games), with Xander Davis having served as Senior UI Designer on shipped features to millions of active players.


Xander collaborated with Alfonzo 'Zo' Burton on WWE 2K17 to create the motion graphics example standard of the UI for the game using After Effects, Flash, and Photoshop.


Xander was hired by InnoGames in Hamburg, Germany to help with creating UI Art of designs for Rising Generals, wherein he had to follow existing art style guides down to the pixel.