Xander Davis & Associates LLC (XD&A) – www.xanderdavis.studio – is the global design and production consultancy studio practice of Xander Davis, specializing in entertainment industry clients.  See the full list of Services.  To commission Xander for a project, contact him to schedule an initial phone or Skype consultation: office@xanderdavis.studio


Astrogun LLC – www.astrogun.comwww.vast.games – is Xander Davis’s independent video games studio and publisher, with its debut title VAST launched as an Apple TV 4K timed-exclusive and awarded ‘BEST FPS’ on Apple TV by ATVG. Licensed developer of Apple, Nintendo, PlayStation, Oculus, and Xbox, with Unity as the engine of choice.


Dreamseed LLC – www.dreamseed.com – is Xander Davis’s VR company that specializes in building high-end virtual parks, assets, and experiences that go beyond gaming.  Dreamseed builds worlds.


Lorefonic LLC – www.lorefonic.com – is Xander Davis’s independent fiction intellectual property development, production, and publishing studio, specializing in audiobooks and full-cast audio plays with cinematically visualized concept art and covers. Many properties are now in development.