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Experimenting with near future 2022 #VR HMD design. Much slimmer / lighter, wireless, tight curved shape that grips when expanded to wear, minimalism, leather cover, six points inside-out room tracking / #AR toggle cams, hybrid 270˚ max AR FOV, wireless earbuds, comfortable for all day wear. Dreamseed


Made Screen Graphics for my UMBRA project today.

UMBRA - Screen Graphics

I’d love to work with a Post / VFX shop and take on fantasy screen graphics work for major film / TV productions or video games. This kind of work is different than the actual UI work I’ve done for triple-A games / VR / apps, where it usually has to be as simple, user-friendly, watered-down, and invisible as possible.  With fantasy UI, it would be far more liberating work, though still functional and meaningful, but can shine a lot more with more complexity.  I’ve also recently done some fictitious brand work, which I always enjoy, with my Neon Eclipse project.

To explore this and other ideas, I plan on creating and releasing concepts more regularly instead of saving them all for release with my own productions.  Sort of like #everydays, but not necessarily every day since I have my fingers in so many pies.  My original IPs UMBRA and Neon Eclipse should be great buckets to drop experimental output along these lines into as I work on other projects too.  Fun fun. 😉

If you’re interested in booking me for a gig like this, contact me here and let’s talk: